Ascend Development Group is committed to facilitating the creation of organizational cultures on purpose and aligning healthy cultures with business strategies. Our results are achieved by creating productive, interactive programs, meetings and practices driven by our client's desired outcomes. We focus on individual growth as a fundamental element within a team or organization to promote healthy, effective company cultures. We work throughout all levels of an organization, emphasizing the establishment of developmental leaders to influence change.


We are professionals dedicated to our mission to bring a fundamentally different view and set of skills to the challenge of organizational growth, change and alignment. We have fun doing the serious work of creating healthy and effective organizational cultures and inspirational leadership. We are passionate about the results our clients get and how they get them.



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"One of the elements we use most often in our programs is "The Pamper Pole". It's not really about conquering fear, but finding courage and working through fear."





Ascend Development Group 2015
Photo Credits: Jamen Rhodes Photography and J. Whitehead